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Food Quality and Safety

cevarGado is a company whose activity is focused on the production and marketing of compound feeds. It provides commercial and veterinary support services, in order to respond to customers' needs.

The executive management of cevarGado, with the core objective of the sustained growth of its business, anchored in the satisfaction of customers' needs, has defined how it shall act in the field of food quality and safety based on the following guiding principles:

Strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and standards, applying to its activity;

- Promote the continuous development of our employees by providing them with the necessary information, training, resources and responsibilities, so that they may perform their activities according to the defined standard of performance;

- Guarantee permanent customer satisfaction, offering a range of safe and quality products, encompassing and anticipating their needs;

- Ensure adequate internal and external communication of subjects related to food safety, with all intervening parties, namely employees, suppliers and contractors, customers and authorities;

- Adopt practices that ensure the protection of the environment;

- Solid commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality and food safety management system, with a view to optimization of resources and processes.

Certificação We are certified under the ISO 9001 by SGS, since December 2012.
Certificação We are certified under the ISO 22000 by SGS, since 2015.
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