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Pigs Products

cevarGado, based on the experience initially gained by its founding partners in this area of products, applies its nutritional knowledge to ensure that the formulated feed strictly complies with the nutritional requirements of the various stages of production. High prolificacy, low conversion rate and superior meat quality are the results of cevarGado feed.

Ref Description Feed Plan Packaging
S-849 CEVARLACTA Feed for piglets (pre-starter up to 10/15 days after weaning) 30Kg and Bulk
S-850 CEVARPOR 1 Feed for piglets (starter 12 to 25/30 kg PV) 30Kg and Bulk
S-801 CEVARPOR 2 Feed for piglets (growth from 25/30 to 35/50 kg PV) 30Kg and Bulk
S-815 CEVARPOR 3 Feed for pigs (growth/completion 35/50 kg to 6 months) 30Kg and Bulk
S-815N CEVARPIG Feed for pigs (growth/completion - from 45/50 kg) 30Kg and Bulk
S-830 CEVARGEST Feed for gestating breeding sows 30Kg and Bulk
S-832 CEVARMATER Feed for farrowing sows 30Kg and Bulk
S-831 CEVAREPROD. Feed for gestating/farrowing sows 30Kg and Bulk
S-820 FUT. REPROD. Feed for prospective breeding sows 30Kg and Bulk
S-835 VARRASCOS Feed for boars 30Kg and Bulk

Feed available in mash or pellet.

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