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Customised Feeds Products

The work of the commercial team also includes establishing specialised and permanent support for livestock farmers, developing and implementing feed plans customised to the needs of each farm. This support is always provided to achieve the highest possible profitability of the farm at the lowest cost.

This close proximity with the farmer has proved to be a factor of excellence for the establishment of lasting business relationships. This allows the company to have effective knowledge of emerging issues of the everyday life of farms allowing a fast and effective response. The development of specific and customised feed plans forms part of this strategy of continuously working together.

The approach to farms is rooted in two fundamental aspects: the quantification of the nutritional needs of animals, and the analysis of the fodder produced on the farm. This data is combined with a feeding plan to develop formulas adapted to the real needs of the animals. The formula obtained is then produced in fully automated form in the factory.

Optionally, we can manufacture formulas provided by the customer, in the form of mash or pellet.

As we say here, we "the suit is made to measure".

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